All our equipment is "high end" professional equipment.

We use high specification laptops and high resolution Canon cameras.

Our mast is totally reliable and usually used for telecommunications by military services all over the world, in winds of up to 35mph.

Using a silent hand pump to erect the mast, noise pollution and disturbance is minimal, and with mounting possible on both our vehicle and a total portable tripod, we can reach almost any area.








Residential imaging: £99
This includes one set-up on the property, capturing shots from different heights and different angles. This will provide you with numerous images for your perusal. These will all be supplied on a cd-rom.

Commercial imaging: £150
This includes one set-up on the site, capturing shots from different heights and different angles. We can zoom in and out on specifics if needed, and all images will be supplied to you on a cd-rom.

We also provide time-lapse photography on sites as they are being built, from foundations all the way to finished product. For more information or a quote on time-lapse please contact us.

Extra set-ups: £35
If you were wanting more than the inclusive one set-up on your property, we charge for each extra viewpoint inclusive of the extra time we spend on site at a fixed rate.

Daily rates
For larger jobs it may work out more beneficial to hire us on a daily or half day basis. On these occasions our rates are:
Half day rate: £299
Full day rate: £499

On jobs that are outside a 15 mile radius of Central Chester we charge for mileage traveled at 50p per mile.

Additional A4 sized prints can be provided at a cost of £7 each. These can be provided framed at a cost of £15 each.

Additional cd-roms can be supplied at a cost of £3 each.


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