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The club is primarily for IC and electric powered model aircraft, and uses the mode one transmitter i.e. Throttle on the right hand side. If you are new to model flying then we encourage you to start with a high wing trainer. The current ARTF types are perfectly Ok provided you can assemble them.

We fly most days, when the weather and wind is fine, The site is at 1005 ft asl and gives a good view of the North Wales coast, when the visibility is good. The weekends are the most popular, and sometimes a little crowded. Novice fliers will be accompanied by an expert flier until you pass the BMFA type A Test.

Our main runway, is about 300ft long by 70ft wide and is ideal for take-off and landings in these directions by novices. The second runway 33/15 is shorter and more suitable for expert fliers. You are welcome to attend as a guest for the first few occasions, so that you can meet the members. Any committee member can take your details and give you a membership form. If you have a completed model then it can be tried under supervision. (Never fly alone in the early stages, it will end in an expensive crash !)

If you live in Wrexham, you will need to make a very good guess as to when the weather conditions are suitable for your visit. Take into account the wind speed and direction, the likely cloud and visibility at 1000ft asl. Winds of over 10 knots or from over the hill. ( E to SE ) are unsuitable for Novices. As the field is located on the other side of the Llandegla hills, it can be raining one side of the hill and yet perfectly sunny on the other.